Bad SEO Practices and What You Should Be Doing Instead

Don't be part of the crowd that follows bad SEO advice.

I cleaned out 30+ spammy comments from this blog this morning and seeing all those “Michael Kors” links reminded me of just how much bad SEO advice is based on Web spam. Spammers drop links because they are using “churn-and-burn” tactics. They don’t expect the sites they are promoting to last anywhere near as long as the links. So when you’re an agency or doing SEO for yourself, it’s not a good idea to follow those spammy practices because you’re shooting for the long term. Smart, knowledgeable Read more [...]

Lost User Data and Duplicate Comment Notices

Code Blue Alert

One of our Web hosting accounts became unavailable to us and we had to rebuild from backups on a new hosting account. The blog backup included many user comments, including a fair number awaiting moderation. If you have received multiple notices of new comments from this blog in the past day we apologize for the inconvenience. Several of the most recent comments were not included in the backup file. We have attempted to reconstruct them from looking at cache images of Read more [...]

You are Not a Content Marketer So Stop Saying you Are

Faux Content Marketing

It looks like faux content marketing has won the game of buzzwords with online marketers. This is not an “SEO thing” — just about everyone from ad agencies to freelance writers now call themselves content marketers. Language naturally evolves and words and expressions take on new meanings, so this is a normal progression in usage. I wouldn’t usually take an interest in this kind of misapplication of an expression except that all the content marketers are really confused about what they Read more [...]

How to Recover from Negative SEO

Recovering from bad SEO.

Too many people are falling for the propaganda. A general feeling of impending doom is sweeping across the Internet Marketing community as people talk up the possibility of “negative SEO” in Web forums, blogs, podcasts, and conferences. I have dealt with negative SEO several times across the years. It’s never a pleasant experience but it’s much different from what most people are experiencing. If you’re losing traffic and you see links in your backlink profiles that you don’t recognize, Read more [...]

Why I Never Reply to Guest Blogging Requests

Evil Guest Blogger

We do our best to discourage people from asking us if they can write guest articles for our blogs. Once in a while someone still insists on sending us a completely useless email. Normally we just discard the email and move on. After all, everyone and their brother who blogs about Internet marketing has shared at least one dumb guest blogging email. Why bother sharing another? Because so many of you continue to ignore the pattern of failure and reach out to complete and total strangers who have Read more [...]

Why Link Building Is More Important Now Than Ever

Building links between Websites is like building bridges between islands.

Link building is more important now than ever. Links from sites with low quality, “thin” content” are, by definition, “low quality links”. For a discussion of high quality content and high quality links, see this post, which details how to judge the quality of links and content.   In the wake of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, Michael Martinez and I have worked with clients who made mistakes in their linking strategy in the past. Some of them Read more [...]