How to Get the Most Out of a Reflective Dynamics Package

Most of our clients are buying a Reflective Dynamics package are doing so for business purposes. And even though we’ve been offering these packages of turnkey websites at a low price point, they still represent an investment. You should maximize the value of your investment in these sites that you’ve bought. Here’s a list of things I suggest that you do and a list of things I suggest you don’t do when you receive one of our website packages.

Change the passwords. Once you’ve taken control of your sites, you should change all your passwords. That’s just a standard security measure. Michael and I are trustworthy, and we’re certainly not going to log in and do anything to one of your sites or one of the related social media accounts, but it’s still a good idea for you to update your passwords.

Read the directions. We include a section in each website under a menu item titled “Site Notes.” These are important. Read them. They will help you understand some of the features that you paid for. These extra features might be something you’re aware of already, but my guess is that some of the features of these websites we’re building are going to be new to some of our customers.

Install analytics. You should have some kind of goals for these sites. I know some short-sighted people will probably just see these sites as an opportunity to build search-engine-manipulating links, but you should have a broader and more holistic set of goals for these sites. Of the sites we’ve finished so far, most of them are already ranking well in Google for their targeted phrases. That means they’ll be receiving traffic. You can send some of that traffic to your higher-converting, big-money websites by just updating the advertising on the site to include promotions for your other properties.

Add more content. Depending on the arrangement we made, some of these sites have a minimal amount of content. You can hire us to add more content to the sites, or you can write it yourself. You could also hire a freelancer on your own. More content means more opportunities to be found in the search engine, which means more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

Ask us questions. You can contact me or Michael with questions about aspects of your site. Both of us provide consulting on a fee basis, but simple questions about your website package that can be answered in a short email are something we’re happy to answer.

Don’t immediately redesign the site. You might be used to having sites in your network look a certain way. Keep in mind that the design of the sites we’re building for you is one of the things you’ve paid for. If you redesign it the day after you take it over, you’re losing some of the value of what you paid for. There’s a logic behind some of the design decisions we’ve made that might not be readily apparent, but you should give your site a chance before redesigning it.

Don’t cheap out. When you add more content, add the best content you can. The days of using low-value content on multiple domains just to manipulate your backlink profile are drawing to an end fast.

Don’t ignore social media. All of the sites we offer have significant amounts of social media interactivity built into the design. Spend a reasonable amount of time maintaining and promoting these related social media accounts. In case you haven’t heard, social media is the future.

Of course, once you’ve bought and paid for a site, you can do anything you want to with it. My goal is to see our clients get maximum value for their investment, and these suggestions are meant to help you get more value.

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